Fairfax Northern Daily Leader »

The Northern Daily Leader is Fairfax's title for the Tamworth region. We created this video to increase awareness and participation in the Leader's advertising program. This video was accompanied by a separate testimonial video for the program.

BT Get Moving Lorraine Elliott »

This was our second project with BT through Agency The Dubs. This time the subject is food blogger Lorraine Elliot, aka notquitenigella. We subjected Lorraine to as many food scenarios as we could in one day, resulting in a colourful, insightful video about one of Australia's best loved bloggers.

Redkite Trade A Treat »

To promote Redkite's TradeATreat, we asked some of Sydney's best loved on-screen talent to tell us what they would give up in order to save money to donate to Redkite. Here is the first in a series of videos.

Weber BBQ »

Staying true to our name, Carnivore created a series of eight BBQ tip videos for Weber and Taste.com. Featuring Ben Donoghue and Taste's Brodee Myers-Cooke, the videos show you how to get the best out of any barbecue.

Learner Driver »

To promote the Learner Driver show featuring Channel [V]'s Marty Smiley, we produced a series of five digital videos centred around the features of the new Holden Trax.    


One of two sizzle trailers we produced for the 2015 season for the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Virgin Money »

Our first project with Brightpoint Digital was a joint promotion with Virgin Money and Woman's Day.  This spot got over 350,000 views online.  

Dirty Dancing »

While the two stars of the new Australian production of Dirty Dancing were having their first photoshoot, we captured some of the moments that will be reproduced on stage.

Paypal Tradie Breakfast »

To grow interest in the Paypal Here App, Paypal invited tradies to swap their old school invoice books for the new mobile device, with free breakfast thrown in.

Dance To Win »

  To maintain interest in the new stage musical version of Strictly Ballroom, we created a series of viral videos which ran on social media.  

Ambi Pur KidSpot »

We produced two informercial videos for the for Aussies Against Allergies, advertising Ambi Pur products to reduce dust in the home.  The spots were shot over two days in Sydney and are now on the Kidspot website. Here's the second video.  

Big League »

To celebrate the 100th game of State of Origin, we produced a series of video stories with four Origin legends sharing some stories from their years playing the game.  Andrew Johns, Bryan Fletcher, Gorden Tallis and Kevin Walters told some tall tales and revealed how hard it is to play under the pressure of representing ...

Paypal Bicycles Online »

This is one of a number of case studies produced for Paypal Australia to demonstrate their small business integration.  

Body + Soul Revolution »

As part of the Body+Soul 1o week diet and fitness program, Carnivore produced a series of nine videos featuring editor Gemma Sutherland, fitness trainer Kirsty Welch and yoga expert Kate Kendall.   See more at revolution.bodyandsoul.com.au  

Freedom Media Launch »

This video covered the media launch for Freedom's Winter 2014 range.  The shoot was over two days following the set up and then launch.  The location is the Bite Club in Woollahra.  

Vaarzon Morel »

Vaarzon Morel is a Newcastle law firm specialising in marine law.  We created this video as an introduction to the company along with designers Anna and Steve from Missing Mouse, who appear in the video as prospective clients.  

Virgin Mobile Cinema »

Anyone visiting the Ben & Jerry's Open Air Cinema this summer will no doubt spot these ads for Virgin Mobile, discouraging people from using their phones while at the movies.  How rude!  Thanks to all the extras who helped out at the last minute to build a believable crowd at the back of a school ...

Mark & Lara's Story »

This was the first in a series of videos produced for eBay.  The ring that Mark bought Lara was the most expensive item bought on eBay in Australia using a mobile phone, and PayPal.  It's a cute story.  

Real Deal Geale »

When it was announced that Daniel 'the real deal' Geale would be fighting Darren Barker in Atlantic City, we created this spot for Main Event playing on the 'deal' and creating a casino inspired look to create a pay per view fight promo that was eye-catching and stylish.  

JSB&G Merger »

We were asked to produce a short video introducing JSB&G, a new company created from the merger of two separate environmental consultancy groups.  This was the result.  

One Active DVD Range »

This is the trailer for a series of fitness DVDs we produced for Big W and Michelle Bridges.  The series will be included with the One Active range available exclusively through Big W.  There are seven items of equipment for sale, with a unique 30 minute workout DVD free with each piece of gear.  We ...

MAX Recommends »

We created this promo for the MAX music channel on Foxtel.   The idea was to demonstrate Chit Chat's ability to make great recommendations.  The multiple-exposure shots were created with a motion controlled 7D camera.  DOP was Pete Barta.   We shot this at the beautiful Lizottes in Newcastle.