This year we produced an amazing series of interviews with women who work with Australia wool.  From farmers to shearers to doctors to manufacturers.  This series was conceived by Penny Ashby and and the entire series can be viewed on …

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Carnivore Films works with PayPal Australia on many projects both in NSW and interstate.  In 2020 we produced a series based on the Give At Checkout promotion.  During COVID we worked with many amazing cinematographers around the country including this spot …

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Working with the team at ATYP during lockdown in 2020, we filmed four weeks of online workshops for Australian schools.  This video introduces the On Demand plus service outlining the benefits of this package.


We created two videos for the State Library of NSW in 2020.  One was to provide a guide for HSC students, and the second was to give an overview of the library for visiting school students.

Frances 1

Recently we teamed up with ABC Classics to produce a couple of performance clips for fantastic local singer and pianist Frances Madden.  This is The Tango Never Lies, filmed at the ABC.    


For Barangaroo House we worked with Fierce Ideas to produce a social media spot to highlight the various venues on offer.


Powerful Steps is Tory Archbold’s formula for empowering people worldwide to reach their personal and professional goals.  We followed Tory throughout the year and filmed many of her presentations.  More at : www.powerfulsteps.com.au


This short video looks at the importance of glassware in the wine industry, focusing on the glasses used in Sydney’s Aria restaurant.


For the second year we shot at Falls Festival, this time in amazing Marion Bay, Tasmania, for Secret Sounds.  Here are some of the highlights.

WS thumb

Wine Selectors approached us to create a recruitment video that would attract people to their call centre.  These are real employees talking about how much fun it is to work in wine.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 2.45.30 pm

This is the third year we have worked with the ATYP to produce the trailer for their up coming productions.  This one is for 2019, and the shoot involved a lot of running around the back streets of Camperdown with …

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Recently we worked with Selector Magazine and Furi Knives’ ambassador Kylie Kwong to create a video talking about their shared values.  We shot at an amazing rooftop garden in Potts Point above the Wayside Chapel as well as Kylie’s restaurant …

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Westpac Ian 1

Carnivore travelled to Airlie Beach and Proserpine with The Dubs to produce a series of videos about Cyclone Debbie and the virtues of having property insurance.  Westpac customers were full of praise and team members talked about how they all …

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LG cake

With our second LG project working with Go Collaborate, we created a series of six magic hands baking videos.  There’s no baking involved though – it’s all about mixing and cooling in the LG fridge.

LG Aimee

We partnered with Go Collaborate on a series of projects for LG.  In this set of five videos, we worked with stylist Aimee Tarulli to talk about the amazing LG French door fridge.  These are running on the homebeautiful website.

BT Craig

This is our second story for BT Insurance extolling the importance and value of insurance. We meet Craig Andrews, a Queensland man who refuses to let the loss of a leg hold him back in life.  


We created this video for NSW Government to let residents know about the Liveability Dashboard, which provides stats about each region of NSW.


This was another video from the Body+Soul 1o week diet and fitness program.  Carnivore produced a series of nine videos featuring editor Gemma Sutherland, fitness trainer Kirsty Welch and yoga expert Kate Kendall.   See more at revolution.bodyandsoul.com.au

Freedom Mum rev

This was another social media video for Freedom that we had a lot of fun with.  This time it was for Mothers Day.  If you watch to the end you’ll see Adam spinning around with the cake, bouncing off the …

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Freedom Easter

Creating videos for social media is usually a lot more fun than TVCs.  We produced a range of videos for Freedom that were spontaneous, whimsical and fun.

Freedom Kylie

Each year we create an internal roadshow video for staff at Freedom Furniture.  This version is from a couple of years back but shows how we used still images, video and staff interviews to highlight the excitement of the new …

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BT Wendy

Continuing our partnership BT and The Dubs, we created this video to reinforce the importance and value of Income Protection Insurance featuring a true story about a BT customer learning to deal with an incurable disease.

ATYP barnados

We work with the ATYP filming performances, creating promotional videos and appeals.  This project is aimed at parents of children who may be eligible for scholarships with the ATYP to help them in many areas of their lives.  We shot …

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Canada is a popular destination for Aussie skiers, but not as popular in the summer. Together with travel blogger Michael Turtle the Newscorp digital media team, Carnivore created a series of three videos in three locations, showing what you can get up …

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Screen shot 2016-06-30 at 10.44.28 AM

The Australian Theatre for Young People’s annual appeal aims to raise awareness of theatre’s far reaching benefits to the lives of young people.  We created this video to help them to get this message across.  

EA thumb

We helped The Dubs and Energy Australia to create a series of web videos to encourage people to look for new ways to save money on their energy bills.   This is one of six videos we produced.  


We worked with Brightpoint Digital to tell the story of the Walking Wounded campaign, which was the winner of oOh! Media’s Million Dollar Pitch.   The ten part series explains how BCM won the competition, and went on to use oOh!’s …

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VW thumbnail

To launch the new Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, we worked with News Corp. to create three videos featuring Ben O’Donoghue visiting local producers in three locations – Coast in Berry/Kiama, Country in the Yarra Valley and City in Sydney’s inner west. …

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BT Nate

This is the first in a series of videos we created for BT working with agency The Dubs, featuring Olympic snowboarder Nathan Johnstone. We shot in Perisher for two days using a drone, Sony FS-7, Go-Pro and 5Dii. The result …

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They say never work with kids and animals, but we love working with both. We produced these two videos for News Life and Kidspot on nutrition for kids and babies featuring nutritionist Jamie Rose Fronzek, and some very cute kids. …

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Continuing our relationship with News Life Media and Kidspot, we produced this video for Dymadon, showing how much easier it is these days to help infants with pain relief.


To promote the Anchorage property development and to showcase the high-tech car stacker garage, we produced this video for Lighthouse Communications, which was used on the Anchorage website and in Australian media including Channel Seven and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Screen shot 2015-12-22 at 10.40.32 AM

The Northern Daily Leader is Fairfax’s title for the Tamworth region. We created this video to increase awareness and participation in the Leader’s advertising program. This video was accompanied by a separate testimonial video for the program.

BT Loz

This was our second project with BT through Agency The Dubs. This time the subject is food blogger Lorraine Elliot, aka notquitenigella. We subjected Lorraine to as many food scenarios as we could in one day, resulting in a colourful, …

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To promote Redkite’s TradeATreat, we asked some of Sydney’s best loved on-screen talent to tell us what they would give up in order to save money to donate to Redkite. Here is the first in a series of videos.

Screen shot 2015-12-17 at 3.31.45 PM

Staying true to our name, Carnivore created a series of eight BBQ tip videos for Weber and Taste.com. Featuring Ben Donoghue and Taste’s Brodee Myers-Cooke, the videos show you how to get the best out of any barbecue.


To promote the Learner Driver show featuring Channel [V]’s Marty Smiley, we produced a series of five digital videos centred around the features of the new Holden Trax.    


One of two sizzle trailers we produced for the 2015 season for the Australian Theatre for Young People.


We teamed up with Taste.com to produce a series of turkey cooking videos just in time for Christmas.   There are four in the series covering everything you need to know about preparing, cooking and carving a turkey.  Even what …

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Virgin Money

Our first project with Brightpoint Digital was a joint promotion with Virgin Money and Woman’s Day.  This spot got over 350,000 views online.  


While the two stars of the new Australian production of Dirty Dancing were having their first photoshoot, we captured some of the moments that will be reproduced on stage.

Dance To Win

  To maintain interest in the new stage musical version of Strictly Ballroom, we created a series of viral videos which ran on social media.  

Ambi Pur thumb

We produced two informercial videos for the for Aussies Against Allergies, advertising Ambi Pur products to reduce dust in the home.  The spots were shot over two days in Sydney and are now on the Kidspot website. Here’s the second …

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Big League thumb

To celebrate the 100th game of State of Origin, we produced a series of video stories with four Origin legends sharing some stories from their years playing the game.  Andrew Johns, Bryan Fletcher, Gorden Tallis and Kevin Walters told some …

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Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 11.36.40 AM

This is one of a number of case studies produced for Paypal Australia to demonstrate their small business integration.  


As part of the Body+Soul 1o week diet and fitness program, Carnivore produced a series of nine videos featuring editor Gemma Sutherland, fitness trainer Kirsty Welch and yoga expert Kate Kendall.   See more at revolution.bodyandsoul.com.au  

freedom launch

This video covered the media launch for Freedom’s Winter 2014 range.  The shoot was over two days following the set up and then launch.  The location is the Bite Club in Woollahra.  

Diamond Ring

This was the first in a series of videos produced for eBay.  The ring that Mark bought Lara was the most expensive item bought on eBay in Australia using a mobile phone, and PayPal.  It’s a cute story.  

One Active

This is the trailer for a series of fitness DVDs we produced for Big W and Michelle Bridges.  The series will be included with the One Active range available exclusively through Big W.  There are seven items of equipment for …

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Elux Gilmore

In another series of Masterclass videos for Electrolux, Peter Gilmore and Tetsuya Wakuda demonstrate how to use domestic Electrolux appliances to cook restaurant-quality meals.  In this video we learn how to master Pork Belly the Peter Gilmore way.   If …

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Running Man

Our first of a series of viral videos for Freedom Furniture features a store manager disguised as a hip hop busker, product testing a rug on the streets of Sydney.  

Luke Ng

One of a series of new segments for Selector magazine.  This behind-the-scenes video is to tease the interview and story on Viet-Aussie chef Luke Nguyen.  

Alex Washer

Carnivorefilms produced four online spots for Electrolux featuring their brand ambassador Alex Perry. Playing in-store and on the Electrolux website, these fun lifestyle segments show Alex giving laundry tips and fashion advice.  

Tetsuya Induction

This is one of four segments we produced in HD for Electrolux.   Tetsuya demonstrates induction technology by slow-cooking a steak.  In other segments he cooks scrambled eggs, chicken tagine and a warm kingfish salad.   These segments were shot …

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Harley 2

We love motorbikes, so any chance to travel, ride and film motorbikes only makes the job more fun. This was a day ride along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Apollo Bay with Australian motoring journalists, testing four of …

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Nescafe Gold

For the Nescafe Gold Facebook page, we shot five videos featuring barista Anthony giving us tips on how to make, enjoy and store your coffee.  It was a hectic shoot with many last-minute set changes.  Luckily Bunning’s and the boys …

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